Océan & Gender Derby


This exciting pair of French DIY episodics explore gender and activism in the arenas of sports and filmmaking. In Océan, we follow Parisian activist and filmmaker Océan as he travels to San Francisco to promote Kiss Me! at Frameline after coming out as trans. In Gender Derby, meet non-binary artist and roller derby star Jasmin and their friends as they discuss and celebrate their community on and off the track.



DIRECTOR Océan | 2019 | France | 30m

This iPhone-shot web series follows filmmaker and activist Océan from San Francisco—where he promotes his romantic comedy Kiss Me! at Frameline42 after coming out as trans—to his home in Paris, while discussing filmmaking, polyamory, coming out, packing, and the meaning of identity and community with family, lovers, and friends along the way.

Gender Derby

DIRECTOR Camille Ducellier | 2019 | France | 56m

Meet Jasmin, a non-binary artist, musician, and roller derby star living in Paris. Jasmin, their friends, and derby teammates navigate life while establishing and celebrating their community on and off the track. Entirely vertically shot, this intimate and unique portrait expertly rewrites what documentary can look like.