Director: Marius Olteanu
2019 | Romania | 116m


To their friends, family, and society at large, Dana (Judith State) and Arthur (Cristian Popa) appear to be a happily married couple. But the truth beneath the amicable facade is much more complicated and careening toward disaster. Over the course of 24 hours, both will test the boundaries of their splintered relationship by seeking connections with strangers—hers with an irritable cab driver, his on an awkward Grindr hookup—in encounters both revealing and cathartic before their inevitable reunion when harsh truths must be faced and painful decisions made.

Unraveling like a mystery in three distinct chapters, Romanian filmmaker Marius Olteanu’s potent and visually dazzling drama explores the unimaginable pressures and restrictions certain people face in a society driven by tradition and intolerance, and whether the most heartbreaking solutions are often the right ones. With profoundly incisive dialogue, deftly nuanced performances, and a constantly transforming aspect ratio that subtly and brilliantly emphasizes the emotional malleability of the characters, Olteanu’s debut feature heralds a thrilling new voice in contemporary world cinema.



  • Language: In Romanian with English subtitles. ASL Interpreter present.
  • Premiere Status: North America