Making Montgomery Clift

Director: Robert A. Clift & Hillary Demmon
2018 | USA | 88m
Expected Guests: Directors Robert A. Clift and Hillary Demmon


It is almost impossible to separate Montgomery Clift’s legacy from the tragedies that cast a pall over it: his brutal car crash, closeted sexuality, drug and alcohol abuse, and his untimely death at the age of 45. Even the two popular biographies of the actor—whose esteemed credits include Suddenly, Last Summer and From Here to Eternity—painted his life as what Clift’s acting teacher Robert Lewis deemed “the longest suicide in Hollywood history.”

Frustrated by the pervasive misperception of Clift as self-destructive, his nephew Robert Anderson Clift—alongside codirector Hillary Demmon—set out to discover who Monty really was. Through interviews with family and loved ones, this lovingly-crafted documentary reexamines the accepted notion of Clift as tragic, revealing a complicated portrait of a vibrant star. Previously unreleased archival footage and audio unearthed by Clift’s brother Brooks offer a different look at Monty: one of warmth. Here the focus is put back on the icon’s passions, his hard work, and his enduring legacy as an artist.


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  • Premiere Status: Bay Area