Local shorts come out strong! These films will make you reminisce, laugh, even cry a little, as you get a taste of the amazing talent that exists in the San Francisco Bay Area and the wonderful stories they have to tell!



DIRECTOR Simone Lyles | 2019 | USA | 20m

In San Francisco circa 1982, Kora tries to repress her feelings for her lifelong best friend and business partner Gina, but news that Gina has just gotten engaged to her boyfriend pushes Kora to seek refuge in self-help conversion therapy tapes.

Trans 128

DIRECTOR Jimmy Zhang | 2018 | USA | 6m

Filmed at local queer hotspots The Stud and El Rio, this documentary portrait of musician Frida Ibarra explores the importance of sanctuaries for queer, trans, and gender non-conforming people.

Eat the Rainbow

DIRECTOR Brian Benson | 2019 | USA | 19m

From the director of My Life Is a Dream (Frameline39) comes the continued musical misadventures of Cousin Wonderlette as she bands together with fellow outcast Bayani, played by local director H.P. Mendoza, to take on a mean band of bigots, led by the manipulative and unscrupulous neighborhood realtor Lobelia Gerber (April Kidwell).

Nice Chinese Girls Don't!

DIRECTOR Jennifer Abod | 2019 | USA | 22m

Nice Chinese Girls Don’t! introduces us to Kitty Tsui, a multihyphenate poet-writer-activist-artist-and-bodybuilder who immigrated to San Francisco from China in the Vietnam war era.

Verasphere: A Love Story in Costume

DIRECTOR Robert James | 2019 | USA | 20m

David Faulk and Michael Johnstone were diagnosed with AIDS in the 1980s. After meeting in 1994 the two men found a way to channel their uncertainty into an artistic exploration in outrageous costumery. Flash forward to today where the couple’s unique vision has transformed into a city-wide phenomenon. Verasphere captures a vibrant and colorful queer community in San Francisco that continues to build on an elaborate and unifying project.