Director: Audrey Jean-Baptiste
2019 | France | 47m
Expected Guests: Director Audrey Jean-Baptiste, Cinematographer Arthur Lauters


Lasseindra Ninja is coming home. After leaving French Guiana many years ago as Xavier, she spent her time away becoming Lassiendra, properly tutored in the art of voguing and dance battle by her found family in New York City’s legendary underground ballroom circuit. Lasseindra took her skills to conquer Paris, mothering her own iconic House of Ninja (hat tip to Paris Is Burning’s Willi Ninja) and launching herself to international fame from the French ballroom scene she co-fostered with Madame Stephie Mizrahi.

Director Audrey Jean-Baptiste captures Lasseindra’s return to Guiana to teach voguing dance workshops to LGBTQ+ and straight youth in the rigidly-gendered community of the country… and to pick up a perfectly tailored traditional tétèche dress while she’s at it. Her instruction, wit, vision, and defiant demonstration of a successful and happy life authentically lived on her own terms inspires and empowers her students to realize self-love, pride, fabulousness, and confidence through the expression of dance.


Alliance Française San Francisco / Oakland LGBTQ Community Center

  • Language: In French with English subtitles
  • Premiere Status: US