Dark Twisted Fantasies


Traveling from the Tang Dynasty in ancient China to the mysterious forests of modern-day Portugal to a post-apocalyptic film set in France, the past, present, and future come together with visually dazzling results in this ecstatic and adventurous program exploring queer desire, the erotic gaze, and the nature of cinema.


The Glamorous Boys of Tang

DIRECTOR Su Hui-yu | 2019 | Taiwan | 15m

Multimedia artist Su Hui-Yu re-envisions the lost footage of a blood-soaked pansexual orgy from a forgotten 1985 Taiwanese would-be-queer-classic Tang Chao qi li nan, loosely translated as The Glamorous Boys of Tang.

Self Destructive Boys

DIRECTORS Marco Leão & André Santos | 2018 | Portugal | 27m

A trio of nominally heterosexual boys test the boundaries of their sexuality while on location for a brazenly homoerotic photo and video shoot. From the directors of Pedro (Frameline41).

Apocalypse After

DIRECTOR Bertrand Mandico | 2018 | France | 37m

Sometime in the future in France (or perhaps in an alternate universe), a film wraps shooting, but the director Joy D’Amato (Elina Löwensohn)—who describes herself as the most hated filmmaker of her generation—isn’t ready to end the fiery affair with her leading lady Apocalypse (Pauline Jacquard), even if the feeling isn’t mutual. In the hopes of pushing off their last goodbye, Joy tells Apocalypse a series of lurid, surreal tales of lust, vulgarity, and obsession. From the visionary director of The Wild Boys, this neon-lit fantasy captures queer desire in its most absurd and hilarious form.

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