Animation Shorts


An old favorite has returned! This year's offerings include a Teddy Award winner, a shapeshifter on a secret mission, phalluses in space from Sundance, a mother and child learning to communicate, a peek into the kinky world of BDSM, and a romantic comedy about love and lists in Sweden.



DIRECTOR Flóra Anna Buda | 2019 | Hungary | 11m

Vibrant colors illustrate this science fiction tale—winner of the Teddy Award for Best Short at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival—about queer relationships in a future without bras.

Biidaaban (The Dawn Comes)

DIRECTOR Amanda Strong | 2018 | Canada | 19m

Based on the work of Indigenous musician-writer-poet Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, this beautiful stop motion animation, which played at the Toronto International Film Festival, follows a non-binary Indigenous youth and a ten-thousand-year-old shapeshifter as they set out to harvest sap from sugar maples in Ontario.


DIRECTOR Trevor Anderson | 2019 | Canada, USA | 4m

Canadian provocateur Trevor Anderson (The Little Deputy, Frameline39; The Island, Frameline33) infuses absurdist humor in his inventive and surreal approach to documentary, here exploring his fears of dating through phalluses in space. Docking made its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival.

Les lèvres gercées

DIRECTORS Fabien Corre & Kelsi Phung | 2018 | France | 5m

Gender identity is on the table when a mother and child attempt to start a dialogue in their kitchen.

Sweet Sweet Kink: A Collection of BDSM Stories

DIRECTOR Maggie M. Bailey | 2019 | USA, Chile | 14m

This fun and sexy short, which premiered at the SXSW Film Festival, tells four naughty stories, highlighting each of the letters of BDSM: bondage, dominance, and sadomasochism.

Top 3

DIRECTOR Sofie Edvardsson | 2019 | Sweden | 45m

In this funny, bittersweet romantic comedy from Sweden, perpetual list-maker Anton falls in love with David, but things start to go awry when Anton realizes that his dreams in life might be in direct opposition to David’s.

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