Lights. Camera. Take Action: Queer Women Documentarians In The Spotlight


While much of the focus on the representation and visibility of queer women in cinema inevitably falls upon narrative feature films—with their fictional characters, invented storylines, and cultural currency—a lot of the progress in the media field has happened in the documentary space, especially with queer women behind the camera. Do women documentarians face the same kinds of barriers to access, limitations to budget, and content as feature filmmakers? Are the lives and experiences of lesbian, queer, and transgender women finding more authentic representation in nonfiction media? And who is telling their stories? Join an all-star group of documentary makers and thinkers for a sharp look at the present and future of the queer women’s documentary.

The discussion will take place immediately following the screening of Dykes, Camera Action!—entry to the discussion is free to the public, though the preceding documentary itself is a ticketed screening.

Expected participants: Caroline Berler - Director, Dykes, Camera, Action!; Kimberly Reed - Director, Dark Money, Prodigal Sons; B. Ruby Rich - Professor of Film & Digital Media and Social Documentation at UC Santa Cruz; Author, New Queer Cinema; Subject, Dykes, Camera, Action!; Yvonne Welbon - Producer, Living with Pride: Ruth Ellis@ 100, The New Black; Senior Creative Consultant, Chicken & Egg Pictures; Subject, Dykes, Camera, Action!