Ideal Home

Director: Andrew Fleming
2017 | USA | 91m
GENRE: Comedy | Drama | Gay | Parenting/Family
Expected Guests: Director, Andrew Fleming


Silver fox Erasmus (Steve Coogan, Philomena) and cutie Paul (Paul Rudd, Clueless) are leading what appears to be a perfect pseudo-cowboy life in Santa Fe, replete with swanky parties at their ginormous ranch home. But although they are the hosts and producers of their own cooking series, their biggest talents as an off-screen couple are bickering and drinking.

Enter Bill, Erasmus’ secret 10-year-old grandson (a byproduct of his “experimental phase”), who shows up late one night demanding Taco Bell and a place to crash. Now it’s up to the bewildered Erasmus and Paul to figure out how to keep their new guest happy. Have these lifestyle-obsessed foodies really become parents to an uncouth child overnight?

As the trio bonds over epic birthday parties and late-night gorditas, the couple are drawn into Bill’s world, and their divergent dad personalities begin to emerge: Erasmus is the carefree, fun parent, while Paul is the responsible, anxious one. When Erasmus’ grown son threatens to take Bill back as soon as he’s out of prison, the couple is despondent and question everything they thought they knew about themselves and their relationship.

Filled with snappy dialogue and laugh-out-loud comedic moments, set against a stunning Southwestern landscape, and directed by longtime out gay writer-director Andrew Fleming (Threesome, The Craft), Ideal Home is an endearing and hilarious celebration of same-sex parenting. Coogan and Rudd are pitch-perfect as the squabbling and adorable couple.


Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

SF Sketchfest / California Film Institute

  • Premiere Status: Bay Area