Freelancers Anonymous

Director: Sonia Sebastián
2018 | USA | 81m
GENRE: Black/African American | Comedy | Latino/a | Lesbian | Transgender
SECTION: Showcase | US Feature
Expected Guests: Director, Sonia Sebastián, Writer/Actor, Lisa Cordileone, Actors, Natasha Negovanlis & Jennifer Bartels, Producer, Eugene Park


Launching an app that matches freelancers with potential employers is an answered prayer for desperate bride Billie (Lisa Cordileone, Easy Abby: How to Make Love More Difficult, Frameline37). But making her startup happen means lying to both her business partners and her fiancée, Gayle (Natasha Negovanlis, Carmilla), in this screwball romp that blends romantic comedy and workplace politics.

With Gayle expecting a fairytale wedding in the coming months, the timing couldn’t be worse for Billie to quit her job, but when her hours are cut at the same time that she is expected to take on more responsibility, she snaps. Wandering into Freelancers Anonymous, a motley assortment of contract workers lacking confidence and direction, Billie sees what they can’t: with their diverse skill sets, the group could form the nucleus of a successful company. But her potential partners are suspicious of her motives, and she doesn’t dare come clean with Gayle about their precarious finances, so Billie gets creative (and sneaky) in order to make all her dreams—work, life, and wedding—come true.

Cordileone is an affable screen presence as Billie, a sad sack with a talent for the devious, transforming that bad behavior into something appealing, and she’s exceptionally well matched with Negovanlis and Jennifer Bartels, in the role of Billie’s sardonic foil, Gillian. The latest comedic romp from director Sonia Sebastián (Girl Gets Girl, Frameline40), Freelancers Anonymous also features winning performances from Amy Shiels (Twin Peaks: The Return), Megan Cavanagh (A League of Their Own), and trans actress Alexandra Billings (Transparent) as Billie’s hysterical robot-ball-obsessed boss.


Freelancers Anonymous is a Frameline Completion Fund recipient.


Lesbians Who Tech + Allies

  • Premiere Status: US