Chedeng and Apple

Si Chedeng at si Apple

Director: Rae Red & Fatrick Tabada
2017 | Philippines | 87m
GENRE: Aging/Elders | Asian/Pacific Islander | Comedy | Lesbian | Parenting/Family | Relationships
SECTION: World Cinema
Expected Guests: Director, Fatrick Tabada


Two veteran Filipina beauty queen/actresses reunite to star in this black comedy about wacky women on the run. Chedeng (Gloria Diaz) searches for a closeted first love she left behind, while Apple (Elizabeth Oropesa) tags along to avoid arrest for a gruesome crime.

In their youth during the 1970s, La Oropesa and Miss Gloria Diaz—who hold the titles of Miss Luzon 1972 and Miss Universe 1969, respectively—helped launch the “wet look” in Philippines cinema and played fierce rivals with beautiful bodies. Now in their sixties, they play longtime friends who are heading into the provinces, having dispatched their men—with the catch that Apple has brought along the head of her abusive partner in a Louis Vuitton bag. As a devotee of the death deity Santa Muerte, Apple believes that doing so will cast the victim into limbo and make him unable to reincarnate forever. The less flamboyant Chedeng seeks Lydia, the woman she loved but abandoned for a safer heterosexual life in the city.

Get ready for a bawdy Thelma and Louise-style road movie that incorporates gross-out comedy with real aching regret for roads not taken—all brightened by a friendship that goes way beyond the bounds of proper behavior.


Cinematografo Film Festival and ABS-CBN Global

  • Language: In Tagalog with English subtitles. ASL interpreter present