Torrey Pines

Director: Clyde Petersen
2016 | USA | 84m
GENRE: Animation | Biography/History | Female-to-Male | Genderqueer | Lesbian | Mental Health | Music/Music Videos | Sci-Fi/Horror/Fantasy | Transgender


Southern California, 1993: a Star Trek–obsessed 12-year-old girl is navigating life with both the inherent queasiness of adolescence and the instability of her schizophrenic single mother. All the while, she harbors a fierce longing to escape the ramifications of puberty, to grow into a strapping, bearded man. Out of nowhere, her mother takes her on a spontaneous road trip that ranges from the glittery ocean waves of San Diego to the eerie gravestones of Arlington National Cemetery, ending in kidnapping charges. It sounds like a whirlwind of a journey, and it most certainly is. Though nearly wordless, Torrey Pines uses its sonic palette judiciously, with unexpected details like tigers flying from the mouths of people arguing. Three years in the making, director Clyde Petersen’s mashup features stop-motion animation, ’90s pop culture references, and an original soundtrack produced by Chris Walla. The film is at once intimate and expansive, capturing Petersen’s real life coming-of-age story (as extolled in the title song he co-wrote with musician Kimya Dawson) with humor and humanity.



Open Recess

DIRECTOR Amy Xu | 2016 | USA | 3m
This adorable nostalgic animated documentary is about a childhood romance between two girls.


DIRECTOR Louisa Bertman | 2016 | USA | 4m
This gorgeous animated music video addresses growing up surrounded by homophobia.

Chromosome Sweetheart

DIRECTOR Honami Yano | 2017 | Japan | 5m | In Japanese with English subtitles
This short is a brilliant, poetic, and original meditation on the complexity of love and relationships between women.

Venus — Filly the Lesbian Little Fairy

DIRECTOR Sávio Leite | 2017 | Brazil | 6m | In Portuguese with English subtitles
From the foam of the sea, fertilized by the blood of the sky, was born Venus, an enchanting goddess. In the animated fairytale Filly, a lesbian fairy with nimble fingers, seduces women by day, dressed as boy. But at night something strange happens, and soon half the population of Whitsitt Village is eagerly queuing up. This fairytale was based on a poem from a book of feminist erotic poetry.


DIRECTOR Louisa Bertman | 2015 | USA | 5m 
Quite simply, this is a powerful animated short about tits.