Santa & Andres

Santa y Andrés

Director: Carlos Lechuga
2016 | Colombia, France, Cuba | 105m
GENRE: Arts & Literature | Drama | Gay | Human Rights | Latino/a | Politics
SECTION: World Cinema


Andres (Eduardo Martinez) has two things going against him: he is gay and he is a counter-revolutionary writer living in 1983 Cuba. Ostracized and exiled by the government to a ramshackle hillside hut, Andres is nonetheless secretly at work on a new subversive book. When a political conference (ironically called a Peace Forum) comes to town, country girl Santa (Lola Amores), a member of the local informant committee, is assigned to monitor him for three days to prevent his causing any trouble. What begins as an antagonistic relationship between the two softens when Santa rescues Andres following a violent assault by his gay lover. Having recently broken up with her boyfriend, Santa tests the possibility of a friendship with Andres as both of these lonely people realize they have much more in common than meets the eye.

Beautifully shot in a striking, simple style reminiscent of Antonioni, Santa & Andres features a suspense scene evocative of Hitchcock, and particularly resonant in view of the recent global rise in political populism. Exceptionally strong performances from the accomplished leads have garnered several film festival accolades including Best Acting awards for both Eduardo Martinez and Lola Amores at the 2017 Miami International Film Festival. Evocative mandolin music, poignant songs, and kinetic Cuban jazz on the soundtrack add to the cumulative momentum of a heartbreaking and powerful paean to human rights, as well as a love story set against roiling political and ideological upheaval.


Cine+Mas - San Francisco Latino Film Festival

  • Website: Official Website
  • Language: In Spanish with English subtitles
  • Premiere Status: Bay Area