Rebels on Pointe

Director: Bobbi Jo Hart
2016 | Canada | 90m
GENRE: Black/African American | Dance | Documentary | Gay | Gender | Homophobia | Latino/a
SECTION: Documentary Features
Expected Guests: Subjects Tory Dobrin & Christopher Ouellette

If the phrase “company man” has ever had a more satisfying ring, and I doubt it, it’s certainly never been embodied more gracefully in tutus and toe shoes. Bobbi Jo Hart’s warm and winning peek behind the scenes of New York’s world famous all-male Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo has the concentrated charm and energy to tempt even the most devoted corporate climber toward the nearest barre. Birthed more than 40 years ago in the Stonewall era, the Trocks, as they are affectionately known, today serve as cultural ambassadors of humor, understanding, inclusion and, yes, ballet—opening up the widely intimidating form to new audiences the world over through a canny overlay of gay sensibility and passionate knowledge of the art.

Montreal-based documentarian Hart (I Am Not a Rock Star, 2012) follows the Trocks through their demanding touring season, capturing some exquisite onstage routines while focusing on the personal and familial lives of several of the dancers, including some company couples (a new and salubrious development according to former dancer turned artistic director Toby Dobrin). Along the way, Hart marshals admiring and insightful reflections from the likes of James Whiteside (American Ballet Theatre) and dance critics Gia Kourlas and Mary Brennan on the subversive high jinks and serious chops of this revolutionary ensemble of men in tights. Involving and elating, Rebels on Pointe ends up being a lively consideration of gender and art as well as a capacious story of family.


Cal Performances / Leather Soles / Queer Ballroom / San Francisco Dance Film Festival

  • Premiere Status: Bay Area