Real Talk on Representation: (Re)Framing the Conversation

Free Panel!


This panel program is free and open to the public.

Despite a breadth of content made by and for queer people of color, widespread representation of the diversity of stories of QTPOC communities has yet to receive matching resources and kudos on the mainstream stage, and the industry has a history of whitewashing, cis-washing, and generally erasing all but the most tokenized representations. Yet even though their work is often dismissed as “not commercially viable” by industry decision makers, filmmakers have found ways to create, produce, and distribute QTPOC images.

With no shortage of talented storytellers and eager audiences hungry for more, what burdens of representation rest upon queer filmmakers of color to “get it right”? As more people of color can be found behind the camera, how visible are the full complexities and diversity of LGBTQ communities among those represented onscreen and in audiences? Do the intentions of creators and the expectations of audiences align?

Drawing upon myriad storytelling perspectives — from autobiographical docs tackling intergenerational immigration (Abu) and the personal toll of institutionalized racist violence (Strong Island) to complex cultural comedic fiction (Signature Move) — these brilliant creative minds will discuss the responsibilities and opportunities inherent in crafting new and relevant works. Please join us.

Panelists (Scheduled to Participate):

Yance Ford (Director, Strong Island)
Arshad Khan (Director, Abu)
Fawzia Mirza (Producer, Co-writer, Actor, Signature Move)

Moderator: Des Buford (Director of Exhibition & Programming, Frameline)

Sponsors: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, California Humanities, & GriffinHarte Foundation

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