Just Charlie

Director: Rebekah Fortune
2017 | UK | 100m
GENRE: Coming Out | Gender | Male-to-Female | Parenting/Family | Sports | Transgender | Youth Audience Appropriate
SECTION: World Cinema


Fourteen-year-old British lad Charlie Lyndsay is a star soccer player at school, with a proud dad, a loving mum, a typically self-absorbed older sister, and a longtime best friend. So all of them think it’s pretty grand when a top club is interested in signing Charlie — all except Charlie, that is. While on the surface Charlie’s ideal professional future seems all but set, Charlie doesn’t want to be the golden boy they all imagine him to be. In fact, Charlie doesn’t want to be a boy at all.

As adulthood looms large, Charlie instead decides that being true to herself is far more important than just fitting in. Despite the enormous resistance, intolerance, and outright hostility she encounters all around her — including from some of her own family members and close friends — she is steadfast in her efforts to live openly as the girl she’s always known herself to be. But her quest to finally be comfortable as her authentic self reveals a hard line between her allies and her antagonists that threatens to tear their entire family apart. Young newcomer Harry Gilby is brilliantly vulnerable and endearing as the brave and determined Charlie in this feature-length adaptation of director Rebekah Fortune’s short film Something Blue, which beautifully captures the range of emotions that swirl both within and around a young life in dramatic transition.


This film contains a scene depicting transphobic violence.


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  • Premiere Status: US