Dating My Mother

Director: Mike Roma
2017 | USA | 84m
GENRE: Comedy | Gay | Parenting/Family | Relationships
Expected Guests: Director, Mike Roma & Producer, Ashley Hillis

In an aimless postgraduation slump, aspiring screenwriter Danny lives with his mom and waits to hear back about his dream job in the city. His mom, Joan (Kathryn Erbe of Law & Order: Criminal Intent), is finally getting back to dating after being widowed. Two generations under one roof, both in the market for a new boyfriend: will it all end in disaster?

Danny’s robust fantasy life sustains him through the ups and (mostly) downs of the online dating scene. At the same time, an is-he-or-isn’t-he friend from high school, Khris, may be dropping oblique hints about his sexuality. It’s enough to drive a man to drink, which he does, copiously. Meanwhile, Joan has hit it off with a man named Chester Patterson — probably not an alias — and is navigating the unfamiliar world of new love.

Inventive and hilarious, this debut feature from writer-director Mike Roma captures the ennui of twentysomethings looking for direction in their lives, and he sheds light on the drawn-out and confusing dating challenges of fiftysomethings, too. Making the most of its small ensemble, the film includes an endearingly madcap turn by Kathy Najimy as Joan’s best friend, Lisa, along with a sweet and playful cameo from G.B.F. star Paul Iacono. If only figuring out what to do next was as easy as swiping right.


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