BKPI, Episodes 1-3

Director: Hye Yun Park
2017 | USA | 40m
GENRE: Activism | Asian/Pacific Islander | Black/African American | Butch/Femme Issues | Comedy | Domestic Abuse | Homophobia | Immigration/Exile | Lesbian | Middle Eastern
SECTION: Episodic
Expected Guests: Director, Actor, Hye Yun Park, Actor, Celine Justice, Screenwriter Sharon Cooper & Costume Designer, Sueann Leung


Ruthless, relentless, and uncertified, BKPI is the private investigation crew of your dreams. Mo, a lesbian Korean American health aide, Dawn, an African American MTA worker, and Iram, an Arab American bodega owner, form BKPI to solve crimes for their immigrant neighbors in Brooklyn. From tracking and shaming the neighborhood flasher, to side-eyeing and shading clueless neighborhood gentrifiers, no criminal behavior is too tough for the crew to tackle. Give BKPI a call, and consider your case handled!