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Our diverse collection has over 250 titles from over 40 years of LGBTQ cinema, covering a broad spectrum of subject matter. Frameline holds North American (U.S., Canada and Mexico) rights on the majority of its titles, and international rights on many. If you wish to purchase or rent one of our films and reside outside of North America, please contact distribution@frameline.org and we will let you know if the film is available through Frameline in your region.

Most films are available in DVD format for Educational distribution to libraries, LGBTQ centers, and entities focusing on educational and social impact. Educational pricing includes public performance rights for free screenings for the life of the DVD. Learn more about Educational purchases and what public performance rights allow in the Educational Sales section below.

Many films are also available for rental, but screening format and pricing varies for titles. If you would like to rent a title, simply email distribution@frameline.org with basic information about your screening such as # of screenings, venue size, if it is a free screening or carries an admission fee, and we will contact you within three days. Learn more about rentals in the Film And Video Rentals section below.

If a film is available on DVD for sale to individuals, you will see a home video price in the drop down on that film page. If it is available on Video on Demand (VOD) on Vimeo, Amazon, or a similar service, that will be in the right hand column on the film page.


Most of our titles are available for educational purchase, which effectively means long-term lease for the life of the DVD. Films purchased at the educational/institutional rate include public performance and library circulation rights. Educational purchase price does not include the right to screen titles in a paid-admission setting, nor does it include digital rights, meaning that the customer is not allowed to create a digital version of the film from the DVD. Please email distribution@frameline.org to request a paid-admission screening license or if you have questions regarding digital rights.

Public performance rights are subject to conditions outlined in our Purchase Agreement (see below), and purchases within the state of California are subject to sales tax.

Please be advised that titles purchased for educational use are subject to the following conditions:

  1. Media is sold only for educational use only.
  2. Media will not be altered or copied in any manner whatsoever.
  3. Media is protected under International Copyright Law.
  4. Media will not be shown commercially (theatrically) or shown for a profit, or promoted in paid public advertising.
  5. Media will not be rented, loaned for a fee, leased, or sub-leased to others.
  6. Media will not be broadcast or televised (except for closed-circuit campus use).
  7. The purchaser will not negotiate any transaction concerning media without specific written authorization from Frameline.
  8. This educational sale does not permit use for Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC), or other online courses aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the web.

Please note that your payment for constitutes acceptance of the above conditions.

Want to know more about Educational Sales? Learn more in the FAQs section below.


Frameline offers a rental option for public performance use (classrooms, community screenings, film festivals, museum exhibitions, etc.). Rental rates vary depending upon the film, screening venue, if the screening is free or admission, and the screening format (DVD, digital file, DCP, 16mm, etc.). For hardcopy rentals, the customer is responsible for all fees incurred in the roundtrip shipment of rented material.


Whether purchasing an Educational version of a film (for a university, LGBTQ center, or K-12 institution) or a DVD copy for personal use, all purchases can be made directly through the Frameline Distribution online cart system, Shopify. You can start your search by visiting our New Releases page, or search by genre, subject, director, or keyword at frameline.org/distribution. *Please note, the CART at the very top right of the blue bar is for the Frameline Festival and Membership. This is not the same as the CART for Distribution. To purchase from the Distribution cart, visit the individual film page.

Once you are on the individual page, select the Product Type in the upper right hand corner that correlates to the type of film + license you want. If you don't see an option available from the dropdown, that option is not available for that title. Once you have added all titles you would like to purchase to your cart, hit the checkout button at the bottom of the right panel, which will take you to our Shopify Cart system.

Here in the Shopify cart, you can finish your checkout using Paypal, by entering your information for a single transaction, by logging into a currently active account, or by creating an account. You will then enter shipping and financial details to complete the transaction. In the final screen, you can enter any discount codes you may have, and complete the transaction.

If you had an account in our previous cart system and are having trouble logging in, please contact us at distribution@frameline.org and we can help you to recreate your account in our new system.

Payment through the Shopify secure cart system can be made via Paypal or credit card. There is also an option for submitting a purchase order and paying in the future. This option is available in the checkout menu, but is only for use by educational institutions.

DVDs are sold as DVD-R format. Although Frameline does not anticipate that our customers will experience difficulty playing our media, DVDs have the potential to interact differently with different machines. Frameline recommends testing DVDs prior to use. Should you encounter problems, please contact us at distribution@frameline.org.

DVDs can scratch easily, and, if scratched, you may encounter playback problems. Please store DVDs properly in the cases provided.

If you are renting a film on DVD, please take the proper time to test it on the equipment that will be used to show it. If problems occur, try an alternate deck, as DVD players, much like CD players, can be picky about reading any DVD surface.

All of our DVD-Rs are REGION 1 NTSC, please be advised that if you do not have a Region 1 or Multi-Region player, our discs may not be compatible with your system.

DVDs are shipped with flat rates, based on weight, but customers have the option to select different shipping types (USPS and FedEx) For rentals, shipping rates will be determined based on the weight of the item being shipped (DVD, 16mm, etc.) and how quickly the item is needed.

Prices vary greatly depending upon the rights purchased, the length of the film (short vs. feature), the release date of the film, and other factors. The amount in the dropdown menu is accurate to each film, and subject to any discounts that may be applied through customer incentives, email promotions, or other marketing.

While you are checking out, hit the button that says "Show order summary." This is where you will have the opportunity to enter in a discount code you may have received from the Frameline Distribution team.

Educational institutions wishing to access digital copies of films rather than hard DVD copies are encouraged to purchase streaming licenses through Kanopy through our cart system for one or three year streaming licenses.   If the film you would like to purchase does not have a Kanopy option for digital licensing or you would like to inquire about directly licensing a film digitally, please please contact distribution@frameline.org   For individuals, if a film is available for VOD streaming, a link to watch the film on Vimeo, Amazon, or similar platforms will be on the right side of the page.

Frameline holds North American (U.S., Canada and Mexico) rights on the majority of its titles, and holds International rights on a number of titles. If you wish to purchase or rent one of our films and reside outside of North America, please contact distribution@frameline.org.

Contact distribution@frameline.org if you have an issue with your purchase and require a refund.

Frameline makes every effort to ensure the safe transport of our titles. Titles damaged in transit will be replaced provided the damaged shipment and original shipment packaging is returned to Frameline. Please save all shipping materials and contact Frameline immediately should you receive a damaged shipment.

If you have previously purchased a Frameline title on VHS and would like to upgrade to DVD or digital version, we happily provide discounts for the upgrade to new technology. Please contact us at distribution@frameline.org for a quote on specific films.

All Frameline titles are protected by international copyright law. We use an electronic system to prevent duplication. It is illegal to attempt to reproduce, duplicate or record any Frameline film or tape without written permission from the copyright holder. Purchase or rental does not include rights for subleasing, commercial distribution, television broadcast or electronic transmission of any kind, or rights to create a digital copy or alter the film or tape in whole or in part without specific written consent from Frameline.

Frameline offers an institutional preview option for our educational titles. Please contact distribution@frameline.org to inquire about previewing educational titles.

Once you have selected films, you will be prompted to log in to your account, or create a new account through the Shopify system.

We value your privacy. Your information is NEVER sold to any other company and is kept completely private. This website is protected with SSL (secure socket layer) encryption, the highest standard in Internet security.

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