Behind The Curtain: Todrick Hall

Behind The Curtain: Todrick Hall

2019 | Black/African American / Bullying / Coming Out / Documentary / Gender / Homophobia / Identity / Mental Health / Music / Parenting/Family / Pop Culture / Relationships / Religion/Spirituality / Representation / Youth In Motion | 60 minutes | USA
Directors: Katherine Fairfax Wright

This Youth in Motion collection is available for free to K-12 schools throughout 2019, register now. This collection is not currently available for sale. The collection contains the documentary, Behind the Curtain: Todrick Hall, and a Discussion Guide and Lesson Plans about Intersecting Identities and Representation. Suggested grade levels: middle and high school.


Behind The Curtain: Todrick Hall

Katherine Fairfax Wright, Documentary, 2017, USA, 60 minutes

An inspiring documentary about grit, perseverance, vision, and the redemptive power of art, Behind the Curtain: Todrick Hall tells the story of a performer and YouTube sensation who has made waves on American Idol, RuPaul's Drag Race, and Broadway. The film takes a deep look at Todrick Hall's life — from small-town Texas to big-time show business — and his experiences as he launches his most ambitious, and personal, project yet: the full-scale original musical, Straight Outta Oz. With each new song that Todrick creates, we learn more about his layered experience growing up gay and Black in rural Texas, his turbulent journey of acceptance within a religious family, and the harsh realities of trying to make it in entertainment and in mainstream media as an "outsider." With limited time and a minimal budget, Todrick has the odds against him, but his passion and his team of talented performers overcome all obstacles to bring this story to the world and inspire audiences young and old.


The Discussion Guide and Lesson Plans contain conversation prompts and suggested activities for student groups and educators as they examine and address topics raised in Behind the Curtain: Todrick Hall. Key themes for which lesson plans are also provided include what it means to hold intersecting identities and the impact of representation in media and art. Discussion questions also cover aspects of Todrick's life, including his relationships, creating communities, and defining and embracing who you are. A special section written by the It Gets Better Project looks at how Todrick's story has inspired others. Lastly, a segment for educators and parents focuses on ways to leverage the film for professional development to better support LGBTQ+ youth.