What Do You Know? Six to Twelve Year-Olds Talk About Gays and Lesbians

2012 | Bullying / Parenting/Family / Youth (18 & Under) | 13m | USA
Directors: Ellen Brodsky

What Do You Know? Six to Twelve Year-Olds Talk About Gays and Lesbians is an award-winning 13-minute film, produced by HRC, that features students from Massachusetts and Alabama discussing what they know about gay mean and lesbians, what they hear at school, and what they'd like teachers to do. With perspectives ranging from basic to nuanced, these children openly share their thoughts on the words that they hear on a daily basis. We hear so much about school bullying these days that iit’s refreshing to have an opportunity to hear children speak thoughtfully about how they want to be treated, how they want others to be treated in their schools, and how the language we use affects how children see the world. Adults can learn a lot from the inspirational children in this beautiful film.

The DVD includes the 13-minute film, a two minute trailer, and a four minute special feature Teachers Respond. The film was produced by HRC and directed by Ellen Brodsky ( The Year We Thought About Love )

Reviews and Awards

“You cannot watch the film What Do You Know? without being impressed with, and sometimes surprised by, the knowledge and wisdom of the students featured in the film.” —Bill Kowba, Superintendent, San Diego Unified School District

“The lesson learned through What Do You Know? is that our children know plenty. They know that acceptance is better than rejection. They know that words hurt. This documentary is a powerful teaching tool.” —Lecia J. Brooks, Southern Poverty Law Center

“This film is a must-see for school faculty and parents. I am inspired by the honesty and candidness of the children who talk about their experiences with the word “gay.” I hope this film will be used as a catalyst for more conversation and understanding on this important topic.”—Francis Hunt, Nashville director, Stand for Children.

“The film will help parents and make our schools safe, welcoming and inclusive for all children and their families”—Stan Griffith, president of Greater Boston PFLAG