Walk For Me

2016 | Black/African American / Coming Out / Dance / Educational / Gender / Identity / Parenting/Family / Transgender / Youth (18 & Under) / Youth Audience Appropriate | 12 minutes | USA
Directors: Elegance Bratton

Download the free Walk For Me curriculum and discussion guide. This DVD contains an educational edit of the film for youth audiences, and a full unedited version.

Walk For Me is a contemporary coming out story set in present day New York City.

A conflicted teenager is torn between their devotion to their mother and their desire to be their authentic self.

When their mother finds women's underwear and a flyer to a Gay Ball in their bedroom, she decides to track down her child and confront them. Arriving at the ball, the mother is shocked to find that her child has been taken under the wing of an adoptive Ball mother, Paris Continental, and assumed the identity of Hanna.

The mother is confronted by a choice: deny her child or accept her for who she really is.


Winner of the 2017 Mexico International Film Festival Gold Palm Award.

"Walk For Me isn't just a ballroom story. It's also a story about motherhood, and the complexities of family life for queer teens like Hanna. Through a delicate choreography of loaded glances and small hand gestures, it captures Hanna's struggle for acceptance from her biological mother, as well as her discovery of a second support system."

"Director Elegance Bratton highlights one of the most pivotal moments in a young trans person's life... It is the exact instant that will either lead to final rejection or acceptance from her mother."
- ARAMIDE A. TINUBU, Shadow And Act