Swim Suit

2006 | Abuse / American Studies / Arts & Literature / Biography/History / Body Image / Censorship / Coming Out / Documentary / Gender / Representation / Sexuality / Social Issues / Sports / Transgender / Video Arts / Women's Studies | 14m | USA
Directors: Lucretia Knapp

A powerful and evocative experimental documentary about a young person’s conflict between the desire to transition, and passion for swimming on a women’s college team. Ambient sound (the tuning of a piano) builds with the emotional pitch of the storytelling, and serves as an aural template for an evocative editing style. Sequences of self-reflection are inter-cut with stunning underwater images of Calvin, a young transman in a “swimming suit.” The video is thoughtfully constructed, allowing the viewer to reflect upon perception, double entendres and visual codes.

Reviews and Awards

Official Selection, London Transgender Film Festival

“Still waters run very, very deep in Lucretia Knapp’s crystalline look at the loneliness of a short-distance FTM swimmer.” —Melissa Anderson, Time Out New York