2004 | Bisexual / Coming Out / Death/Dying / Mental Health / Relationships / Sexuality / Social Issues | 22m | USA
Directors: Jenn Kao

In a dystopic future, a group of survivors starts a new civilization underground, tunneling themselves into isolation for fear of the outside world. They call themselves Insiders. Although Devi is an Insider who lives alone in a bunker, she doesn’t think of herself as alone: After all, she has her job editing obscene content out of video messages, and chatting to her friend ARI on the radio.Though Devi “drop” for fun (dropping is their hallucinogenic experience of the outside world), touching is forbidden, as is entering the outside world. But Devi’s world is shaken after she hears a sound outside her lone window, and sees a real live person for the first time. Now that Devi has met M, the leader of a group of vagabonds and outcasts, her life will be changed forever.

Reviews and Awards

“Imagine if George Orwell wrote a lesson for lesbians about individuality and finding one’s self … utterly captivating.” —Film Threat

“Haunting lesbian eroticism”—DC Asian Pacific Film Festival

Best Asian-American Film, DGA Student Award

The Panavision New Filmmakers Program

Women in Film/Verna Fields Memorial Fellowship

Charles and Lucille King Family Foundation Fellowship

The Lew and Edie Wasserman Film Production Fellowship

Fuji Film Grant

Showtime UCLA Initiative

The Jack Arnold Memorial Fellowship