2006 | Black/African American / Documentary / Experimental / Human Rights / Lesbian / Parenting/Family / Representation / Social Issues / Women's Studies | 17m | Trinidad & Tobago | UK
Directors: Campell X

A visually and aurally sumptuous exploration of the legacy of slavery on mother/daughter relationships in African Caribbean culture. As they pay tribute to their ancestors, a daughter asks her Caribbean-born mother why she was taught both Afro-Caribbean and European religious traditions. The mother admits that there was conflict about which ideology to teach, so a mix of Cumina, Catholicism, and Anglicanism resulted. Though alienated by the beating she suffered as a child, the now-adult daughter describes her mother’s understanding when, during college, she told her mother about her sexuality and her mother was lovingly accepting. Legacy is of interest to Women’s Studies, Multicultural Studies, African American Studies, Queer Studies, Cinema Studies and other departments and programs.

Legacy was shot exclusively in Trinidad and Tobago. The installation was originally curated and commissioned by David A. Bailey for the Arnolfini.

Reviews and Awards

Audience Award, Best Short Film, Mpenzi Black Women's International Film & Video Festival

Outstanding Documentary Short, Outfest

Best Experimental Film, San Diego Women’s Film Festival

“Legacy juxtaposes unidentified island landscapes with a thoughtful mother-daughter conversation about the impact slavery has had on their relationships and attitudes. This generational exchange [is] both poignant and critical.” —Leah Sandals NOW, Toronto

“ … the film points to complex themes of racial standpoints and sexual identities and the universality of human rights. This film is recommended as an addition to debates and discussions on slavery, sexuality, gay and lesbian issues, and human rights.” —Kayo Denda, Women’s Studies Librarian, Rutgers University, for EMRO (Educational Media Reviews Online)