Just Me?

2007 | Abuse / American Studies / Biography/History / Coming Out / Documentary / Lesbian / Marriage Equality / Parenting/Family / Relationships / Women's Studies | 22m | USA
Directors: Amy Neil

In this heartwarming documentary, the filmmaker is a young lesbian who feels isolated in her large extended family. That is until she discovers a stockpile of old photographs that reveals the hidden life of her great grandmother, and begins to suspect that her great grandmother was perhaps “in the family” in more way than one. Comprised largely of vintage photographs spanning over 100 years, Just Me? explores the meaning of family, the nature of belonging, and the enduring power of love.

Reviews and Awards

Jury Award, Best Short Documentary, Long Island Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

“A touching story of personal discovery, this is recommended.”—K. Fennessy, Video Librarian

“… a charmer about discovering the hidden past within your own family.” —Sarah Boslaugh, Film Critic, PLAYBACK:stl

“Along with her clever historical detective work, Neil brings an appreciative reading of photographs and family memories, artfully interspersing footage of the past and present. Just Me? achieves a sensitive balance between claiming lesbian ancestry and acknowledging the diverse meanings of same-sex relationships in the past. … This film has a great deal to teach students in women’s studies, queer studies, and women’s history classes about the changing opportunities for same-sex relationships and the ways that women in the past circumvented gender and sexual conventions.” —Estelle B. Freedman, Robinson Professor in U.S. History, Stanford University