Jan Oxenberg Triple Bill

1973-1975 | Experimental / Lesbian / Media Studies / Women's Studies | 41m | USA
Directors: Jan Oxenberg

Three films by groundbreaking filmmaker Jan Oxenberg are combined here in one collection: A Comedy in Six Unnatural Acts, Home Movie , and I’m Not One of ‘Em.

A Comedy in Six Unnatural Acts is chock-full of cliches of lesbianism.

Home Movie is exactly that: fast-edited found family footage with an added voiceover, which comments wryly on schoolgirl images: “I looked so normal but felt so different.”

I'm Not One of ’Em is a tragi-comic sketch about denial, as a female spectator at a roller derby talks about her unique experiences with lesbianism.

Reviews and Awards

“As witty and clever in execution as in concept, designed in a mood partway between satire and vaudeville. A Comedy in Six Unnatural Acts is a series of sketches which explore the cliche; images of lesbianism—such as role-playing, seduction, and child molesting in a world of black leather, slick-backed hair and girl scout cookies. It is a work of confidence.” — Bridget Byrne, Los Angeles Herald-Examiner

“If visualization truly precedes actualization, then we owe a great debt to filmmakers like Jan Oxenberg who helped to bring the lesbian experience out of the private and into the public sphere. Far from being mere curiosities, these films still hold interest, either as historical documents or bold manifestos—or both.” —Daniel Mangin, author and former professor, City College of San Francisco