It Came From Kuchar (2-Disc Collection)

2009 | AIDS/HIV / Arts & Literature / Biography/History / Documentary / Experimental / Media Studies / Pop Culture / Pornography / Sexuality / Video Arts | 86m | USA
Directors: Jennifer Kroot, Mike Kuchar, George Kuchar

Disc 1 contains the film:

It Came From Kuchar
USA | 86m

Disc 2 contains the films:

A Reason to Live + Introduction
USA | 36m
DIRECTOR: George Kuchar

A Midsummer’s Nightmare
USA | 13m
DIRECTOR: Mike Kuchar

USA | 17m
DIRECTOR: Mike Kuchar

The Hairy Horror
USA | 9m
DIRECTOR: George Kuchar

Statue in the Park
USA | 19m
DIRECTOR: Mike Kuchar

Temple of Torment
USA | 18m
DIRECTOR: George Kuchar

Reviews and Awards

Awarded best Documentary honors at 2009 Chicago Underground Film Festival and at 2010 Boston Underground Film Festival.

“The portrait that emerges is affectionate and fascinating.” — New York Times

It Came From Kuchar gleefully piles on everything that anyone could want in a docu on the fabulous Kuchar brothers.” — Variety

“The world just got a little more perfect (and not a moment too soon) thanks to Jennifer M. Kroot.” — New York Daily News