Genderbender Volume 1

1993-2005 | Animation / Black/African American / Body Image / Censorship / Documentary / Experimental / Gender / Media Studies / Race and Culture / Representation / Social Issues / Sports / Transgender / Video Arts / Women's Studies | 63m | Sweden | USA
Directors: Multiple Directors

This genderbending program has it all! Claymation, animation, foreign shorts, comedy, sex, and documentary. In Adam , a little girl is mistaken for a boy and relishes the opportunity. In Bikini , a young man borrows his mother's bikini for a day at the beach. In Tomboy , a girl’s determination to follow her own hoop dreams makes her a college basketball star and the publisher of the first ever women-in-sports magazine. In Black Hair and Black Eyed , a young woman wonders from what sources does a young Korean-American draw her sense of identity? Dear Joan is a letter to that heroine of butch dykeness, Joan of Arc. Written and performed by Dominique Dibbell (of the Five Lesbian Brothers), Ira Sachs’ Lady is gender confusion at its best! In Ife , viewers journey on a day in the life of a black French lesbian in San Francisco. Finally, in Hung five lesbian friends experience a penis for a single day with the help of a magic potion.