Enough Man

2005 | Activism / Bisexual / Body Image / Documentary / Gender / Health/Medicine / Human Rights / Pornography / Relationships / Representation / Sexuality / Social Issues / Transgender / Women's Studies | 61m | USA
Directors: Luke W.

Documentary meets explicit sexuality in this groundbreaking 2005 feature-length film on body image, relationships, sex, and sexuality from the perspective of nine female-to-male (FTM) transmen and their partners. Featuring health educators, college students, sex workers, activists and artists, Enough Man navigates the terrain between objectivity and personal identity, allowing viewers into some of the most personal and rarely discussed areas of transgender life.

Please note: due to sexual content, this title is not suitable for children.

Reviews and Awards

“Enough Man made me ... cheer that genderqueer is finding an artistic voice in Luke’s de-lovely documentary debut.”—Kate Bornstein, author of Gender Outlaw & My Gender Workbook

“Enough Man … stands in sharp contrast to the traditional transsexual documentaries that focus on gender dysphoria and sex reassignment, but skip over the difficult and delightful details of our pleasure-seeking behavior. Woodward seems to have included all sexual orientations, and he doesn’t flinch from covering the full spectrum of sexuality … It was wonderful to see our handsome, responsive bodies on screen, being affirmed by intimate touch. Wow! ”—Patrick Califia, therapist and author of “Sex Changes: The Politics of Transgenderism”

“This is not your mother’s Transamerica , but a forceful confrontation that doesn’t belabor opinions about gender-opposite self-identification, focusing instead on the complex sexual desires and spiritual ups-and-downs of nine female-to-male transmen and their partners.” —CityPages