Destroying Angel

1998 | AIDS/HIV / Death/Dying / Health/Medicine / Marriage Equality / Parenting/Family | 32m | USA
Directors: Wayne Salazar, Philip Hoffman

Destroying Angel relates two stories of illness and weaves them into a tapestry of family history, memory, and loss. The narrator, confronted with his own mortality, guides us through a landscape of recollections, dreams, close friendships and family ties. Narratives about contemporary events interplay with lyrical recollections of the past. Eventually, just as the past always informs the present, the two styles of narrative begin to merge. In the end, we are left with a moving portrait of the struggles involved in dealing with AIDS, cancer, memory and intimate relationships.

Reviews and Awards

“Salazar’s honesty is arresting … A difficult and moving film. —Barbara Goslawski, Take One

“… The wisest, most beautiful response to devastation …”—Cameron Bailey, Now