Deaf Heaven

1993 | Coming Out / Parenting/Family / Religion/Spirituality / Sexuality / Social Issues / Spirituality | 25m | USA
Directors: Steve Levitt

Steve Levitt simultaneous tackles AIDS, angels, faith and the Holocaust in his 1993 accomplished and affecting drama, Deaf Heaven ,about a young man tending to his dying lover.

A man who is losing his lover to AIDS encounters a Jewish Holocaust survivor in a sauna at his health club. The survivor senses the man’s sadness. After the young man shares his impending loss, the survivor shares what it means to lose someone within a historical context and what it means to be a witness to history.

Deaf Heaven is a landmark work that offered an early clear and strong comparison yet between the AIDS pandemic and the Holocaust.

Reviews and Awards

Best Short, Audience Award, San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival

“A cross between Wings of Desire and Long Time Companion , Steve Levitt’s film is exceptionally well made and acted.”—Steve Warren, San Francisco Sentinel

“Beautifully directed and extremely sensitive …” —Amos Lassen, Eureka Pride