Coming Out Trans & Transgender Stories

2006 | Biography/History / Coming Out / Gender / Mental Health / Relationships / Sexuality / Social Issues / Transgender / Women's Studies | 60, 23m | USA
Directors: Emily Goldberg, Walter Bocking

This disc includes one award winning short film and one feature length film featuring transgender and gender variant individuals sharing their unique personal stories.

Alex, Andrea, Debra, Elijah, Grady, Katrina, Morgan, Patrick, Safonia, Shawn, and Susan Kimberly talk candidly about the challenges they encounter in their daily lives before, during and after transitioning and how in the end they all strive to come to a place of acceptance and fulfillment. These stories transcend the gender binary and illuminate the beauty of gender diversity. Both Coming Out Trans (24 minutes) and Transgender Stories (60 minutes) were funded and created by the Minnesota Department of Health. The films are the product of the Program in Human Sexuality, Family Medicine, and Community Health at the University of Minnesota Medical School.

Reviews and Awards

Filmout San Diego 2008, Winner of the Best Documentary Short Film Award.