Carving Space

2020 | Identity / New Release / Sports / Transgender | 16 minutes | USA
Directors: Annie Dean-Ganek

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Unity Skateboarding, founded in 2016 by Jeffrey Cheung and his partner Gabriel Ramirez in Oakland, seeks to create a safe space and visibility for queer skateboarders within the hetero-masculine mainstream skateboarding culture. Carving Space follows Unity and affiliated queer skate activists—including 2019 US Olympic Skateboarding team member, Leo Baker—as they provide spaces and voices to the often-overlooked queer community.

About the filmmaker

Annie is a queer skater from Boston, MA and works in the Film/TV industry in Los Angeles as a set lighting technician. Her work includes projects for Spotify, Lenovo, Hollywood Reporter, Al Jazeera, NBA, BuzzFeed, Kevin Hart, and Oprah Winfrey. She became inspired to make this documentary after her first exposure to other queer skaters during a Unity Skateboarding meet-up in LA. She brought together her knowledge and passion for skateboarding and filmmaking for the making of Carving Space.