Black Hair and Black Eyed

1995 | Coming Out / Parenting/Family / Race and Culture / Women's Studies / Youth (18 & Under) | 9m | USA
Directors: Julie Whang

From what sources does a young Korean-American woman draw her sense of identity? From her mother, who provides the kim chee recipe and offers to pick up what she needs from the Price Club? From fashion magazines, or her own short haircut, which brings her the berating of her entire extended family? From the boy she dances with, the girl she sleeps with, or her own barren apartment? Julie Whang’s 1995 daring short Black Hair and Black Eyed may raise more questions than it answers. But in its own quirky way it asks the questions that matter.

Reviews and Awards

“It’s one thing to be hip, cool, and assimilated and another to refine marginality when it ricochets into family expectations, self-image, and sexuality. Lessons in Korean, a kim chee recipe, and photos of Jenny Shimizu don't help this queer girl to fit in.”—Jim Hubbard, MiX NYC