A Union In Wait (Director’s Cut)

2001 | Activism / Documentary / Lesbian / Marriage Equality / Parenting/Family / Relationships / Religion/Spirituality / Social Issues / Spirituality / Women's Studies | 47m | USA
Directors: Ryan Butler

The LGBTQ marriage equality movement has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, but the struggles of one groundbreaking couple in the not-so-distant past still ring true today.

Ryan Butler’s A Union In Wait takes a very personal look at Wake Forest Baptist Church members Susan Parker and Wendy Scott, and the controversy that would make their private life anything but private. In 1997, the couple decided they wanted to have a union ceremony in Wake Forest University’s Wait Chapel, but the university told them no. Susan Parker, Wendy Scott, their church, and many others joined together to fight the school’s decision in what would become a controversy that divided a community in North Carolina and made national headlines.

A Union In Wait includes interviews with Andrew Sullivan, Barney Frank, Robert Knight, Jimmy Creech, Fred Phelps, Candace Gingrich, Wake Forest University students, and local ministers. Also included is footage from the Millennium March on Washington, attended by over eight hundred thousand gay activists.

Reviews and Awards

Best Student Documentary, Carolina Film and Video Festival

1st Prize, Documentary, University of Oregon Queer Film Festival

“Recommended.” —Video Librarian

“Recommended …” —Library Journal

A Union in Wait does an excellent job in balancing out the issues raised by parties on both sides …” —Baltimore Gay Paper

“The real joy of this documentary … is the light touch of Wendy and Susan’s sparkling senses of humor. Regardless of whether you feel same-sex marriage is the cornerstone of gay liberation or the opium of the masses, the spirit and fun of Wendy’s and Susan’s relationship, and the abiding love they clearly enjoy, makes this film a lovely piece.” —Metro Weekly, Washington DC