A Kiss in the Snow

1997 | Sexuality / Youth (18 & Under) | 22m | Norway
Directors: Frank Mosvold

Teenagers can be experts at talking circles about what’s really on their minds, and usually it is the weighted spaces between those words that speak volumes. In A Kiss in the Snow , director Frank Mosvold’s young characters pull the common teen angst of sexual awakening and establishing oneself within a social circle into the less-familiar territory of same-sex attraction.

Reviews and Awards

Best Dramatic Short, Turin Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

Best Short, Hamburg International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

“Enchanting and tender. The story of two boys who love each other, yet never find the right moment to express their love, it’s a mini-masterpiece …
A Kiss in the Snow suggests that Frank Mosvold is a director to watch.”—Gay Times (UK)