A Great Ride

A Great Ride

2018 | Aging/Elders / Documentary / Lesbian / New Release | 33 minutes | USA
Directors: Deborah Craig & Veronica Deliz

A Great Ride is a documentary about lesbians aging with dynamism and zest for life.

Sally Gearhart, a retired women's studies professor and activist who fought alongside Harvey Milk, lives in the Northern California woods where she is surrounded by beauty but also faces challenges to her independence. Brenda Crawford is an African American political activist who was priced out of Oakland. She continues her feisty community engagement in wonderfully diverse Vallejo, CA, but faces homophobia. Octogenarian Shirley Liberman, and couples Nancy and Marjorie and Sue and Patty, make their homes in an LGBT-friendly retirement community in Santa Rosa, CA.

Deep friendships, determination, engagement, and quirky death-defying humor color this group portrait of women who are courageous role models for aging.


Winner, Best Short Film Award
- Some Prefer Cake, Bologna Lesbian Film Festival

Solano Pride at the Empress in Vallejo, CA

Bent Sacramento LGBTQ Film Festival

Reeling, the Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival

Montreal World Film Festival

LGBT Toronto Film Festival

Outview, the LGBT Film Festival in Athens, Greece