A Florida Enchantment (Rental only)

1914 | Abuse / American Studies / Gender / Racism / Transgender / Women's Studies | 63m | USA
Directors: Sydney Drew

Based on an 1896 Broadway stage play, A Florida Enchantment is an extraordinary resort-set silent comedy of cross-dressing and confusion. Frustrated by her fiance’s affairs with hotel maids, a New York heiress downs one of the magic seeds that change women into men. But after shaving her morning moustache, she exchanges ideas of revenge for the newfound pleasure of embracing other women! Hence begins a drama of bewildered sexual identity which rivals anything Hollywood ever later produced, like Some Like It Hot or All Of Me .

Please note that while A Florida Enchantment offers some complexity about sex roles, it does not exercise the same thoughtfulness about ethnicity; like many films of the time, it is often disturbingly racist.*

This title is not for sale. It is only available as a 16mm rental. Please email distribution@frameline.org to inquire about rental.

Reviews and Awards

“A Florida Enchantment was the first and one of the very few films to deal with the sexual characteristics of men and women entirely through the use of farcical impersonation … The male impersonation by Vitagraph star Edith Storey is impeccable and visually uncanny.”—Vito Russo, The Celluloid Closet