A Certain Grace

1992 | Arts & Literature / Bisexual / Coming Out / Photography / Relationships / Sexuality | 40m | USA
Directors: Sandra Nettelbeck

Photographer Zelda meets more than a model when Alice answers an ad to be photographed from a “feminist”perspective. The two become inseparable as Zelda discovers answers to the unconscious questions that prompted her to work on a photographic essay of women. Meanwhile, Zelda's moody musician boyfriend gets frustrated and jealous and tries to intervene. But Zelda's newly found passion is not so easily squelched.

Nettelbeck's 1992 film A Certain Grace is a sensitive look at a woman's coming into her own, complete with the attendant joys and agonies.

Reviews and Awards

Best Lesbian Short, San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

“By showing [the boyfriend's] attempts to be an artist as well as his efforts to salvage the relationship, Nettelbeck gives him another dimension instead of opting for the all too-easy casting of him as straight, asshole guy.” —Noreen C. Barnes, Bay Area Reporter, San Francisco