7 Years

2007 | Activism / AIDS/HIV / Black/African American / Coming Out / Documentary / Health/Medicine / Homophobia / Human Rights / Lesbian / Music / Parenting/Family / Race and Culture / Relationships / Religion/Spirituality / Sexuality / Social Issues / Suicide / Youth (18 & Under) | 26m | Kenya | The Netherlands
Directors: Bram Vergeer

Borders do not bound sexual identity, this is a fact of life that every community has to deal with. Kenya's rapidly modernizing society is still heavily influenced by religious and neo-colonial values and practicing homosexuality is punishable with sexual years of imprisonment. The film 7 Years explores the realities and history of this punishment and provides a glimpse into how gays and lesbians manage to live in this hostile environment. Finding a job, family relationships, and finding a partner are daily issues LGBTQ Kenyans must work through. From a pastor to a male sex worker, 7 Years gives a voice to a group of people who are accustomed to keeping quiet.