50 Years of Fabulous

2019 | Documentary / New Release | 82 minutes | USA
Directors: Jethro Patalinghug

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50 Years of Fabulous recounts the rich history of the Imperial Council, the oldest LGBT charity organization in the world. Founded in San Francisco by renowned activist, drag queen and performer Jose Sarria (the first openly gay man to run for political office), the Council has helped shape LGBT life and social history in San Francisco and beyond throughout the last five decades. 

From its genesis as a critical public space for the community and capacity building of LGBT San Franciscans, to its vital role in the advocacy for LGBT human rights, 50 Years of Fabulous documents the full scope of the organization's historical evolution up to its contemporary struggle in finding relevance -- both in the wake of social progress it has helped foster, and in light of a newly empowered political coalition committed to rolling back a half-century of civil rights achievements.


"... what comes over so loudly, is the sheer joy of being a part of this rather wonderful old organization ... after seeing 50 Years of Fabulous, it's almost impossible not to want to wish them another 50 too." - Queer Guru

"The oldest, and most glamorous, surviving LGBT charity organization in the U.S. gets the documentary it deserves." - The Advocate