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Festival Juried Awards

    Established in 1999, the Juried Awards for Outstanding First Narrative Feature and Outstanding Documentary Feature have recognized exceptional films and filmmakers. In 2022, we introduced two juried awards for short films: Outstanding Narrative Short and Outstanding Documentary Short.


    2024 First Narrative Feature: National Anthem
                 Honorable Mentions: In the Summers and Young Hearts
               Documentary Feature: Fragments of a Life Loved (Frammenti di un percorso amoroso)
                Narrative Short: Paradise Europe (Du Bist so Wunderbar)
                 Honorable Mentions: If I’m Here It Is by Mystery (Se Eu Tô Aqui é Por Mistério) and Ripe!
                Documentary Short: Seat 31: Zooey Zephyr
                 Honorable Mentions: Wouldn’t Make It Any Other Way & You can’t get what you want but you can get me

    2023 First Narrative Feature: 20,000 Species of Bees (20.000 especies de abejas)
                 Honorable Mention: Big Boys
               Documentary Feature: Going to Mars: The Nikki Giovanni Project
                 Honorable Mention: Every Body
                Narrative Short: The Cutest and Funniest Animals in the World (Os Animais Mais Fofos e Engraçados do Mundo)
                Documentary Short: Ob scene (Ob scena)

    2022 First Narrative Feature: So Damn Easy Going (Så jävla easy going)
                 Honorable Mentions: Besties (Les meilleures) and Unidentified Objects
                Narrative Short: Tank Fairy (桶妝仙女)
                 Honorable Mention: Monsieur Le Butch
                Documentary Short: Holding Moses
                 Honorable Mention: I Just Wanna Dance

    2021 First Narrative Feature: Milkwater
                 Honorable Mentions: Language Lessons and Firebird

    2020 First Narrative Feature: Two of Us (Deux)

    2019 First Narrative Feature: End of the Century (Fin de siglo)
                 Honorable Mention: Zen in the Ice Rift (Zen sul ghiaccio sottile)
               Documentary: Vision Portraits 

    2018 First Feature: Retablo
               Documentary: When the Beat Drops

    2017 First Feature: The Wound (Inxeba)
               Documentary: Strong Island

    2016 First Feature: Jonathan
               Documentary: Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four

    2015 First Feature: In the Grayscale (En la gama de los grises)
                 Honorable Mention: Stories of Our Lives
               Documentary: Alex & Ali
                 Honorable Mention: The Amina Profile

    2014 First Feature: Something Must Break (Nånting måste gå sönder)
                 Honorable Mention: Lilting
               Documentary: Kumu Hina
                 Honorable Mention: Regarding Susan Sontag

    2013 First Feature: Out in the Dark (Alata)
                 Honorable Mention: Concussion
               Documentary: Valentine Road
                 Honorable Mentions: Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton and The New Black

    2012 First Feature: Facing Mirrors (Aynehaye Rooberoo)
                 Honorable Mention: My Brother the Devil
               Documentary: The Invisible Men (Gvarim Bilti Nirim)
                 Honorable Mention: I Am a Woman Now

    2011 First Feature: The Evening Dress (La robe du soir)
                 Honorable Mention: Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same
               Documentary: Wish Me Away
                 Honorable Mention: Hit So Hard

    2010 First Feature: Undertow (Contracorriente)
               Documentary: Dzi Croquettes
                 Special Mention: Postcard to Daddy



    2007 First Feature: Glue
               Documentary: Red Without Blue

    2006 First Feature: Stray Cats (Mga pusang gala)
               Documentary: Cruel and Unusual

    2005 First Feature: Gypo
               Documentary: Zero Degrees of Separation

    2004 First Feature: Eating Out
               Documentary: Tying the Knot

    2003 First Feature: The Child I Never Was (Ein Leben lang kurze Hosen tragen)
               Documentary: Straight Out (Hrein og bein) and Rise Above: The Tribe 8 Documentary

    2002 First Feature: Guardian of the Frontier (Varuh meje)
               Documentary: Georgie Girl

    2001 First Feature: Hedwig and the Angry Inch

    2000 First Feature: Urbania

    1999 First Feature: Head On

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