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Free to Love / Libres Para Amar

Saturday, September 20 Co-Presentations In 2008, a group of Puerto Rican LGBT activists come together to organize a grass roots initiative against CR99, a constitutional marriage amendment measure backed by the religious right to prevent gay marriage from taking place in Puerto Rico. Read more »


Saturday, September 20 Co-Presentations Joao is a 50 year old actor who lives with his 72 year old mother, Celina. He spends his time between his work at night as a crossdresser in small gay bars and his parts in small plays, movies and TV shows. Read more »

Four Moons / Cuatro Lunas

Sunday, September 21 Co-Presentations An eleven year-old boy realizes he feels attracted to his male cousin. Two college students develop a relationship that gets complicated when one of them refuses to come out. A long lasting male relationship is in serious trouble when one of them feels attracted to somebody else. Read more »


Friday, September 26 Co-Presentations Co-presentation with the Oakland Underground Film Festival Tickets here » Director Charlie Vaughn, Starring Brandon Alexander III, Dudley Beene Read more »


Sunday, September 28 Co-Presentations Co-presentation with Oakland Underground Film Festival Read more »